What are Arrow Wraps?

Our Arrow Wraps are strips of high quality self adhesive vinyl that are machine cut for an accurate and consistent cut. These are wrapped around the ends of arrows.
Arrow Wraps help to protect your arrow shaft when scraping off the excess glue residue in the re-fletching process.
Arrow wraps help to increase your arrows visibility.
Easily find them in low light or when hunting in dense land but most of all, wraps clearly identify your arrows and they look cool.

How many arrow wraps do I get when I order?

For every order you will recieve 1 dozen (12) arrow wraps and an extra 3 wraps free. Order quantities can be adjusted once the 'Add to Cart' button is selected. You can also continue to shop for additional purchases before finalising your order and payment.

What size arrow wrap do I use?

Most carbon arrows fit a 1.000" (25.4mm) wide wrap. If you are unsure what size wrap will suit your arrows print out this pdf file and cut out the dashed boxes and see what size best suits your arrows. Send us an email with your desired size and we will tailor make your desired width size. Our Wraps come in various width sizes.
0.875" (22.230mm) - Suits smaller diameter shafts
0.950" (24.130mm)
1.000" (25.400mm) - Suits most standard carbon shafts
1.125" (28.575mm)
1.200" (30.480mm) - Suits larger diameter shafts
1.250" (31.750mm)
1.375" (34.925mm)
1.500" (38.100mm)

Custom Size - Enter a custom width size.

(Please inform us if your width size is the actual arrow wrap width or arrow diameter).

If unsure of what arrow width size to use, please contact us

What are your arrow wraps made from?

Our Arrow wraps are made from very high quality, high performance and long lasting vinyl. The vinyl we use possess high adhesion properties, are very thin (ranging between 50 & 65 micron), super light (weighing almost next to nothing) and can be used in all weather conditions. Our prints are long lasting, weather resistant and highly durable.

How long does it take to make?

All our wraps are made to order. We have set a two (2) business day turnaround for all orders. Please allow up to 5 business days for large volume orders.
However, we do try to deliver all orders before the two (2) business days as stated.

Where are they made?

Our Arrow wraps are made in-house here in Melbourne and are made to order. We source our materials here in Australia via local Australian suppliers. We personally machine cut, package and quality check our arrow wraps prior to delivery.
Made in Australia

How do I apply it?

Arrow wraps are easy to apply. We use a mouse pad to help with the application. You simply peel a strip and place it flat on the mouse pad (adhesive side facing up), then line up your arrow end and shaft so that it sits aligned to the arrow wrap length. Apply a little pressure while you roll the arrow shaft on to the width of the wrap and your done. Check out our "How to Apply Arrow Wraps Video"

Should the wraps overlap?

Yes. All wraps should overlap a little, this ensure's proper shaft coverage and will eliminate the material to expand or contract due to weather conditions.

How long do the wraps last for?

Our wraps will last for many years in all weather conditions. When storing un-used wraps keep them in their supplied packaging and store in a clean dust free environment.

Can it be reused or repositioned?

No. Our arrow wraps cannot be reused or repositioned once it has been applied, the vinyl wrap will tear or stretch when removed. The wrap will lose some of its adhesive properties when removed thus less likely to stick. We strongly suggest to plan first then stick later.

Do the wraps need to be cleaned before fletching arrows?

All wraps are supplied clean and dirt free and packaged to ensure they are contaminant free. If in need, only use a damp clean rag to wipe the top with. Do not use any chemicals to clean the wraps.

Are the wraps easy to remove?

Most of our wraps are easily removed. Just peel an edge and slowly to remove the wrap. You can also use a hairdryer on low heat to warm the wrap this will loosen the adhesive for easy removal.
Our Fluoro type wraps take a little more time to remove. Due to the material construct these tend to break apart upon removal. Our Reflective type wraps are the easiest to remove. However, these will leave adhesive residue behind on the shaft but this can be rolled into a ball using a finger and easily come off.

Which glue do you use and recommend?

We have tested and used a vairety of glue's from different manufacturers such as AAE Max Bond, Bohning Fletch-Tite, Fletchtite Platinum and Loctite glues with our wraps. We have experienced excellent adhesion and best results with AAE Max Bond glue using Bohing X Vanes & AAE Max Hunter Vanes.

Although most glue's have provided positive adhesion during our tests. We ONLY recommend and we will ONLY guarantee the use of AAE Max Bond Vane Glue with all of our wraps. We only use and recommend AAE Max Bond Nock & Vane Adhesive.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept PayPal and Direct Bank Deposit.
For all payments via Direct Bank Deposit please email us with your order and delivery information. A confirmation order will be issued to you including our bank details for payment. Payment to be made within 3 business days of confirmed order.

How does Free Shipping work?

Free Shipping applies to orders over $100 AUD to Australian residents with an Australian address only. Free Shipping does not apply to 4Life Wrist Sling & Neck Lanyards.

Orders above $100 AUD will still calculate a shipping cost and will be refunded back to the customer via the same method of payment.

Please contact us for further enquiries.


We have tried to display the products on this website, including the colours of products accurately. Because the colours you see depend on your computer monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any colour will be accurate.

What are Custom Designs?

Our Custom designs are a collection of our personally designed wraps. They are printed on a high quality vinyl suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions that will last for many years.

Can I design my own wrap?

Yes. Send us your design, artwork or club logo and we can follow this to suit your requirements. You can also add your own personalised message, name or numbers to a majority of our listed wraps.
You can mix and match from our current designs to suit your requirements also.

* Some designs, artwork & logo's cannot be accepted due to ownership and copyrights, please seek the relevant owners permission to use and reproduce such material and provide proof.

* Accepted and prefered file formats: 100% (vector) eps, ai, pdf (hi-res), psd (photoshop).

Jpg,png,bmp (rasterized) files are also accepted but may be pixelated when enlarged.
If unsure enquire within and we can help out with certain files that may need to be modified to suit.

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